Skylight Videos

Skylight Videos

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Business productivity app overview video that give you a general perspective across the app.

Time billing and generating invoices, sending them to your clients and using Paypal integration.

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Effortless Invoicing for Time Billing and Expenses

This video shows you how to create invoices for billable time logs on a project, send those invoices to clients and how Paypal feature works for the invoice.

Invite users and create contacts

Quick 2 min video on how to create new contacts and give them access to your Skylight account. How to disable access and change access group for a contact.

Tagging system and matching projects with contacts & resources

This video shows you how to manage tags and tag groups in Skylight, How to match project specifics with contacts and resources.

Dashboard Overview

Skylight dashboard, featuring an array of draggable widgets covering all the main areas of Skylight. Users have the ability to choose what information is important to them, and where they want it on their dashboard.

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