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Skylight is a system to help you simplify your work life and grow .

Skylight’s training is uniquely created to fit an easy to follow structure that will help you understand Skylight and how it all fits into your business. This training will enable you to utilize different tools and functions, that will optimize your business. Training is not only about the software but consultation on how to optimise day to day business processes.

Get to Know Skylight – $59

  • General overview of Skylight features
  • Best practices to use Skylight to benefit your business
  • Tips and tricks to get your Skylight skills moving quicker
  • 60 minutes (40 minutes demo, 20 minutes questions)

General Training – $99/hour

– (10% discount for booking of 3Hr and more)

  • Contact us with the top 4 problems you’re experiencing and we’ll troubleshoot each of them on a one-on-one basis
  • Professional tips and tricks, from the experts. We’ll be able to cover complicated business procedures like undertaking huge contact lists, creating projects, accounting templates, creating reports or invoicing
  • Lasting 60 mins and, if required, will proceed with a follow up email
  • Importing contacts, tags, accounting codes and more
  • Email integration
  • Calendar sharing
  • Invoice headers and footers customisation
  • Email newsletter setup
  • Recorded video of training session is included

For Existing registered users within 30 days of registration, we offer free 30 min demo sessions.

Leave us your contact details and we will organize a web demo for you and your team.

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Why are you charging for training?

Skylight is a suite of tools designed to help manage business. As you can imagine, this involves a lot of functionality, different data types and ways to link everything together. Add to this, every business is unique with individual requirement  therefore videos and online articles only cover so much. With the low cost of subscription, it becomes difficult for us to provide full one on one training of this nature.

What kind of businesses get the most out of training:

Every business situation is different and whilst Skylight training is a good fit for all businesses, we’ve found it is best for business business managers who need to focus on the growth than looking at every aspect of change management. These training session support businesses that fit into one or more of the descriptions below:

  • Want to get up and running in the shortest time possible
  • Want to know what other technologies can be used with Skylight like Google Apps and Mailchimp
  • May have limited resources such as dedicated technology staff
  • Want to dig even deeper into very specific features and tools
  • Want to ensure they are getting the most out of their Skylight subscription
  • Are looking for new ways to better manage their businesses

You do not need to sign up for training to use Skylight. In fact, less than 15% of customers choose training, but know that the service is here and we are ready to help should you ever need it.


What is the difference between customer support and training?

Customer support is freely available via email and Skylights online forum, to answer your questions.

Training is a customised, structured program to help you understand how Skylight might fit around your business (and sometimes vice-versa). Because Skylight is a business management tool, training also helps you identify and better manage all the systems and processes that make up your business. Training is not just about Skylight, but more about best practices.

How are training session delivered?

We use online tools to deliver our training for screen sharing. Online voip (Skype) or conference call numbers are provided where you can call in to talk to the trainer as well as view the live video stream.

What if i need to cancel my booked session?

That’s ok as long as you let us know 4 days in advance. Training fees are non-refundable for the 1st hour.

How to book your session: