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Online project management

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  • One single solution for managing your entire business.
  • Free 30 day trial. No payment details required.
  • Integration with Paypal, Google Drive and more.
  • SSL security.
  • No per-user fees.

Altogether a great productivity suite that can’t fail to help a busy project manager keep on top of things”the vast number of options you have, meaning you can keep all your productivity requirements under one virtual roof. This really is a one-stop professional collaboration & utility shop — BBC Click

Project Management, Time Billing
Invoice & Accounting

Skylight project overview

Meet projects on time and budget, increase collaboration

Gain better control and accountability, and complete projects within specified timeframes and budgets, with ease. Set milestones, create stages, book resources, track tasks and more with Skylight’s full-featured project management solution. This all-encompassing system also lets you develop quotes and invoices, and automatically calculate billed time, and notifies you of booking conflicts for resources, whether it’s equipment, people (recruitment), locations or service.

Skylight’s intuitive, web-based project management solution, you can distribute and track tasks that result in overall project completion – from the office, or from a remote location. Schedule events, log time, create sales invoices, budgets and manage milestones in one app across your business.

  • Project activity feed keeps you up to date on everything that’s going on
  • Set milestones, add commenting and finalize those milestones
  • Stages segment your workflow into manageable tasks
  • Schedule resources, equipment and people
  • Track time and generate billable invoices
  • Generate quotes from scheduled time and resources
  • Visual progress bars on the project, stage and milestones
  • Manage tasks and task lists
  • Create discussions and comments at every level
  • Project calendars provide week, two week, month and day views
  • Keep all files and communications organized by project
  • Create quotes, purchase orders and invoices
  • Keep all email communications organised by project