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Online Document Management Just Got Better, New Drag and Drop and Multiple Document Uploads in Skylight

Online Document Management Just Got Easier New Drag And Drop And Multiple Document Uploads In Skylight 1

Online Document Management in Skylight just got simpler. Skylight team is pleased to announce the latest release of multiple file upload with drag and drop functionality. Now you can simply drag and drop files to upload or even select multiple documents to upload them to records in Skylight.

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Skylight now Integrated with Google Presentations

Integrated with Google Presentations - Work with Google Presentations (Power Point) Document support, Skylight now Integrated with Google Presentations

You can now create new presentations in Skylight on Google Drive, import existing presentation documents and collaborate with your colleagues. The coolest update I like about having Google Drive enabled on my computers, iPads, and iPhone is that my files are synced all across.

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Skylight Now Integrates With Google Docs

Google Doc Overview Arrows

Team-driven projects have gained a lot of juice just in the last few years because of cloud computing innovations that allow for new levels of sharing and collaborating. Questions like, “who’s got the latest iteration?” “Who’s allowed to access that?” and “What other files are involved?” are now answered easily. Google was one of the earliest innovators in software-as-a-service, and Google Docs is a wonderful team tool for keeping track of, sharing, and collaborating over documents.

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Keep them organized & get approvals! Launching document previews & Image annotation.

annotation comment on with Project Management

Skylight recently introduced image commenting (annotations on images). Anyone who deals with images and needs to collaborate with clients and suppliers will appreciate this feature of Skylight, especially designers, web developers and creative industries in general. Combine this with Skylight’s ability to group these files by contact or project and you have a very powerful integrated system indeed.

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