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Are you leaving money on the table?

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One of the big differences between a service-oriented company and a product company is in billing, and service companies leave a surprising amount of money on the table because of poor billing practices. It’s easy to invoice when you’ve shipped a given number of products—but when you’re billing by the hour, time isn’t always logged.

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Keep them organized & get approvals! Launching document previews & Image annotation.

annotation comment on with Project Management

Skylight recently introduced image commenting (annotations on images). Anyone who deals with images and needs to collaborate with clients and suppliers will appreciate this feature of Skylight, especially designers, web developers and creative industries in general. Combine this with Skylight’s ability to group these files by contact or project and you have a very powerful integrated system indeed.

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Keeping On Task… the Skylight way!

In any business it is vital to keep a smooth management of Tasks – not just keeping track of your own list of to-dos but making sure that everyone on your team is up to date with the next step in a project, organizing an important client meeting or CRM.

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How to use tags to segment your data and create simple CRM in Skylight

Tag contacts in Skylight, create custom groups -

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Linking up with other Users to collaborate

Depending on the type of Skylight Account you have, you can link with other Skylight users – clients, colleagues and friends – and invite them into your Projects. You can selectively allow each of your Invitees certain levels of access depending on their level of responsibility in your organization.

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Dashboard gets enhanced widgets

But wait, there’s more! Each widget has an “add” button so you can add contacts, resources, projects, tasks and more right from the dashboard. If the item you’re looking for is not showing on the dashbaord, a new  quick search box inside all dashboard widgets will help you find it. Hover on each item to take further steps for each …

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