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Effortless Invoicing for Time: Fresh Time Status blocks on Projects and Contacts

Time Billing To Genrating An Invoice Nad Sending To Client A Complete Workflow Connecting People

Picture this: You use Skylight to break up a larger, upcoming, project into smaller tasks.  Then you assign these Tasks to yourself(default) and your colleagues.  Throughout all this process you used the task timer to track your hours.  After the job is complete you would now want to take those logged hours and use them to create an invoice in order to receive the payment for your work.

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Paypal Integration Now Allows Freelancers and Small Businesses to Send Invoices and Collect Payments

Paypal Integration Now Allows Freelancers and Small Businesses to Send Invoices and Collect Payments

Imagine doing months, and weeks, worth of project work for your client. Then imagine creating an invoice and sending your client the bill and anticipating a cheque or electronic transfer. Finally envision waiting for a payment that doesn’t arrive. Just perfect!

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New Accounting Statement Reports Make it Easy to Manage Invoices and Quotes

Invoice Statement By Client

Freelancers and Small Business using Skylight will now have the chance to generate accounting statements for their project, or client, or better yet, the whole business. These statements will enable you to fill in the gaps quicker so you can send out your client accounting information in a timely manner. For example, say you want to find out an up to date outstanding balance for a specific client.

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Faster.. Speedier..Skylight Dashboard goes on steroids!

Skylight Dashbaord

At Skylight our goal has always been to develop features based on our customers needs and feedback, providing a valued service has always been our moto. With that spirit we are pleased to announce update to our dashboard for speed! as well as the new updated Task Widget.

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Releasing Customisable Statuses for Projects, Time billing and Expenses

Skylight Shows Number Of Projects In Various Statuses Of Progress In Customisable Colors 2

Skylight now offers customisable status for Projects, Time and Expenses (Fixed Price Items). Users can create personalised flow of projects, for complex stages in scheduling and time logging.

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Extending Skylight Notification System – Now Reply to Comments by Email

Skylight comment notifications and reply to them by email

When comment is posted in Skylight project a notification is sent from Skylight to everyone involved. In this notification you get a link to click and view posted comment back in Skylight App. Most of the time, you just want to respond to that comment by email.

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Latest updates that help you save time

Google Maps Now Integrated

Skylight teams been busy adding small and some large changes. Some of these recent updates include speed improvements to Projects, Contacts, Stages and Milestone views, Google maps for addresses, Hover-on options to see related data, Increased Social integrated CRM and more….

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Get Tasks done on Time – Launching Major Update to Tasks

Get Things done on time Tasks, Time Logging & Tasks Lists

Getting things done is not only reliant on getting a good solution to record, manage and organise your tasks but also being proactive and systematic about the way you go about managing your day. The fact is that in most cases no matter how well you plan your day things will some times take their own course and will require you to reorganise tasks. There are plenty of books and other material online to help you find the best suited strategy to keep you focused on task at hand to getting the most out of your working time.

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