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Business Productivity – How to Optimize it for Your Employees

Business productivity is crucial to the success of any business - http://skylightit.com/

Making sure your staff is productive is a hard nut to crack. Most businesses don’t even know if their productivity is at the optimal range. Even if you feel like your productivity is on point, there is always room for improvement.

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Update: Invoices, Quotes and Accounting Improvements For Your Business.

See All Invoices created from a Quote for Your Business

To generate a quote or an invoice is a breeze in Skylight. Most of our customers love the fact that they can manage sales, projects, tasks and contacts, but also that they’re able to create quotes and invoice clients all in one system that sings and dances with interlinked data.

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Skylight – Dixign Solutions – Campaigns & Visual Design Agency

Legend possibilities - Business using Skylightit.com

The truth is I Love Skylight! I have been using it for 2 full years now, and it has played a big role on my business’s growth. I am constantly using the Quotes tab, to bang out speedy cost estimates with ease.
Thank you Skylight.

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Are you new to Project Management? Here are few tips.

Are you new to Project Management? Here are a Few Tips

We get requests from customers asking if Skylight will work for their business or if they need project management at all? Well, the thing is, you are already managing projects through your sales, customer interactions, major milestones or planned goals. Here are few thoughts and ideas on how to do this for your business.

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Credit control is vital for the success of any business – Releasing Debtors Cash Flow Statements

Debtors Cash Flow Statements - Skylight Business App Accounts

Instantly know which invoices are overdue and need to be followed up on. Produce company-wide debtors statements for outstanding invoices split between what’s due today, 30, 60 or 90+ days from now, keeping your business accounts in shape along with your projects and time billing.

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Guardian News on Skylight and Efficiency


Recent news on the Guardian, talking about how the Skylightit.com web app has enabled us to be efficient in optimizing our work. We therefore thought of appreciating the Guardian and helping you out by sharing this great post.

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Running a Small Business or Freelancing is not an easy Task. Here are some of the Excuses for not Getting Things Done on Time.

Working Smarter and Getting Things Done - Skylightit.com

Your “must-do” list is growing like a proverbial mushroom. You are working flat-out, but accomplishing very little. There is always a reason if your efforts are not being effective.

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Update – New Notifications Pallet – Improve Business Collaboration.

Skylight Notifications Pallet in app for Business

The new notifications pallet now provides you with recent Notifications in an accessible part of the Skylight App. Skylight sends out notifications when actions or steps are taken by others on your account for example adding a task or replying to a comment. This helps to keep everyone informed of the latest activity on their projects.

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