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What is Skylight

An all-in-one web-based management and productivity tool for freelancers, small and medium size businesses.

Skylight is a complete, cost-effective and user-friendly productivity tool to help make business life simple. A rare all-in-one web-based offering, it allows organisations to turn complex administrative tasks such as project management, time billing and invoicing into a few clicks.

Supported by integration with Google Docs & PayPal, Skylight provides one centralised platform for users to store and share their documents, spreadsheets and multimedia files, while managing all of their contacts, calendars and accounts.

Skylight was created to fulfil one simple need for every business – to have one centralised place to store, share and gain intelligence through data collaboration.

This was a complex and expensive exercise in the past; beginning with researching the essential tools from multiple suppliers and then somehow pulling out information from various platforms for collaboration and eventually analysis and planning.

Even though many current project management and collaboration tools offer specific functions, users are increasingly looking for an all-in-one offering.

Since the beta launch in June 2010, Skylight has added nearly 18 key features and nearly 100’s minor enhancements based on users’ feedback.

Key features:

  • Project management & real-time collaboration
  • People & tasks management
  • Document, spreadsheet and multimedia file sharing
  • Time tracking & invoicing
  • Contact management
  • Dashboard and widgets
  • Scheduling and budgeting
  • Google Apps & Docs integration
  • Email communications
  • Invoicing, Quotes & basic Accounting
  • Paypal Integration
  • Email Notifications
  • Basecamp Import

Our long terms goal is to build Skylight in to the best web app there is for managing business and teams using latest web technologies.

Skylight  is a product of Skylight Interactive Ltd, a company based in London UK. Our development is carried out at our offices in London.

Press Contact:

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m: +44 7958 707232
Head Office: Skylight interactive Ltd, G1 Rockley Road, London w14 0DA

Product developed in London, United Kingdom.


Support & Sales:

Please email us at support@skylightit.com or sales@skylightit.com.