Online Document Management, Drag and Drop & Multiple Document Uploads


Online Document Management Just Got Better, New Drag and Drop and Multiple Document Uploads in Skylight

Online Document Management Just Got Easier New Drag And Drop And Multiple Document Uploads In Skylight 1
Today online document management in Skylight just got simpler. Skylight team is pleased to announce the latest release of multiple file upload with drag and drop functionality in Skylight.


Online Document Management

Online document management has been  part of Skylight system for a long time, no online project management system is complete without some sort of document management built in. To help businesses we at Skylight released file upload feature back in December of 2010. Later on that same month, we released support for realtime document editing and collaboration with Google Docs integration .

That was way back in 2010! Over the years Skylight team has made countless new enhancements to document management. Google Docs online word processor integration was added to help business increase collaboration with online excel and online word capabilities offered by Google Drive, such as support for Google drawings, presentations and other file formats.

Uploaded documents and files in Skylight can be attached to comments, helping with increased collaboration, saving time otherwise spent on sending countless emails. File uploaded to comments are further organised by the record that the comment relates too. Therefore if the comment is related to a task then the uploaded file will show up as part of that task files, or project of which that task is a member off.


Drag & Drop Documents to Upload

The new feature will help you upload multiple documents to a project, task, comment, milestone or a stage. So from your desktop simply select the files and drag them to a task on your dashboard My Tasks widget.


Drag and Drop Files - Online Document Management

Drag Multiple Files to Tasks to upload – Online Document Management


You’ll see a new drop area appear with the dotted lines, this drop area is activated when you drag and drop a file or group of files to a record in Skylight.


After dropping the files on a record you will see the upload progress (2) and have further option to upload more files over for the same record(1).

Document Upload Process Online Document Management

During upload you can upload additional files to the same record (1).


Besides the main dashboard widgets that will now accept drag and drop file upload but also all the main list views, for instance if you are on your project list view you can drag and drop files to a project on the list.

Online Document Management

Drag Multiple Files to Tasks to upload – Online Document Management

This update will help business management increase collaboration between teams, There is more to document management, here are few ways business can manage documents on Skylight:


  • To store contacts CV’s, contracts, notes (including Google docs) – perfect for recruiters and talent agencies
  • Keep all task and project related files together – perfect for everyone freelancer, small business, group within enterprise.
  • Upload different stages of design changes to a task or project – perfect for agencies and designers
  • Online realtime documents editing with Google Drive to engage in real time collaboration – perfect for everyone


I am sure there are million other use cases for online document management and collaboration but if you are still not sure how files and google drive integration works. You can read more about this on our support site here. READ MORE.


Hope you enjoy this new feature, if you would like to get in touch please email


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