Recent updates to Invoices, quotes and user invitations


Recent updates to Invoices, quotes and user invitations

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Time flies when you’re having fun. We’ve had a busy year and I can hardly believe 2014 has come to a close.

At Skylight, we aim to improve and add functionality that directly impacts your day to day business life. Therefore our recent work has been focused on improving online invoicing, notifications, collaboration and creating quotes, as well as many smaller changes to improve Skylight business softwares user experience.


Personalised message when inviting new team members or clients:

Personalise Message when inviting Collaborators to your business software


Now you can add personalised message when inviting clients and teams to collaborate on your Skylight account.

The new message(1) field on invitation screen will help you to inform the new team member where and what to do when they login. For instance you can put a link to a project, or when working with freelancers send specific instructions on what to do after logging in to your Skylight business account.


Invite Multiple Contacts to collaborate on your Projects

Invite Multiple Contacts to collaborate on your Projects -

If you are setting up a new  business account on Skylight or you would like  to quickly invite new team members. Now we have made it easier for you to invite multiple team members at once.

To do this hover over over the main navigation and then select ‘Invite Contacts'(1) link.

Invite Multiple Contacts to collaborate on your Projects -

On the next page you can add new contacts details, add individual message (1) and select ‘User Group’ (2) for access permissions, or pick an existing contact from the link ‘Pick an existing Contact’ (3).


User Account Activation Notification

User Account Activation Notification -

There is no more need for chasing team members “Did you accept the invite from Skylight?” – this process is now automated.

Now when you invite new users to your account on Skylight to collaborate across your projects and tasks, when the invitation is accepted by the new user and they login, Skylight will send you a notification.


 Accounting modules update:

Creating a custom invoice or a quote for your client are daily routine for most business owners and one of the most used features in Skylight business app. We have been busy updating the existing workflows for business accounting features and out of many smaller updates are the most important ones.


New Statuses for Invoice and Purchase Orders


Accounting invoices and quotes have a new  ‘Approved’ status. This was highly requested by our customers, to highlight if a particular invoice or quote was approved.


Now add Transaction or payments for Purchase Orders

 Purchase orders (work order) now have payment transactions section, here you can record what has been paid against a PO to a supplier or a freelancer. Same as invoices where you can register what has been paid against an invoice

Task and Milestone quick view


You can now mark ‘Task’ and ‘Milestones’ complete(1) from the calendar view. To do this, simply click on any Task or Milestone on the calendar, on the popup you can leave comments as well as view recent comments.



We have also improved this  functionality for task widgets on your dashboard and task list view, so you can now click on the task(2) to view the new Task popup view.

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