Skylight now Integrated with Google Presentations


Skylight now Integrated with Google Presentations

Integrated with Google Presentations - Work with Google Presentations (Power Point) Document support, Skylight now Integrated with Google Presentations
Last year, I was preparing for a Future of Web Apps presentation. Future of Web Apps or FOWA as its also know is an event where you will find uber geeks, developers and product guys among other great people  under one roof with a mission to solve tomorrow’s web technology problems.

I was working on an important piece of document. Though we didn’t have the budget to pull together resources to spend days and nights working on a PowerPoint, I just had to plow ahead, find time in between the customer calls, development meetings and future plans for various features we are developing.

So, I was preparing for Future of Web Apps. We were presenting to a tough audience that included movers and shakers of the web world.

PowerPoint was an integral part of my presentation. As I am superbly known for making obvious grammatical and spelling mistakes, I asked a colleague to have a look at it, which she kindly agreed to, with complete understanding of what she was letting herself into 🙂

As you know, we use Skylight internally and for all our processes, including bug tracking, business admin and all. So, the normal response was, “Create a task for me and I’ll get it done before the end of the day”.

She said that without realizing that we don’t support PowerPoint’s or as Google calls it, “Presentation” in Skylight!

Skylight supports Documents, Excel or Spreadsheets by Google Drive right in the app. Users can collaborate in real time, attach these to tasks, comments, projects and all other things in Skylight.

It made perfect sense to see if we could integrate Google Drive presentations into Skylight. And that led us to invest some TLC, time and code hours to make this happen.

Finally, today we are releasing support for Google Presentations (Power Point document)!

Add Google Presentations (Power Point) Document to a project, task, comment and more

You can now create new presentations in Skylight on Google Drive, import existing presentation documents and collaborate with your colleagues.

The coolest update I like about having Google Drive enabled on my computers, iPads, and iPhone is that my files are synced all across. Additionally, if I drag and drop a file into Google Drive on my laptop, it also becomes available in Skylight where I can attach it to a task, comment or project. I can still control who has ultimate access to the file by accessing the sharing option on the Google document itself.

If you haven’t yet enabled Google drive for your Skylight account, then click here to learn more.

So, we did finally manage to finish the presentation and it was done in time for the Future of Web Apps event. Many from the web world got to hear of the Skylight story.

Here are few images that I’ll like to share from the event itself.

Skylight  presentation by founder Taimur Khan at Future Of Web Apps 2012 - Future Insights - fowa


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