Update: See All Invoices created from a Quote for Your Business


Update: Invoices, Quotes and Accounting Improvements For Your Business.

See All Invoices created from a Quote for Your Business
At Skylight, we believe in providing the simplest way for you to manage the day to day activities of your business. Essential parts of any business activity include creating a quote for clients, getting them approved and issuing invoice on delivery of goods or services.

To generate a quote or an invoice is a breeze in Skylight. Most of our customers love the fact that they can manage sales, projects, tasks and contacts, but also that they’re able to create quotes and invoice clients all in one system that sings and dances with interlinked data.

Today, we are announcing another update to our accounting and invoicing system. We now list all invoices generated from a single quote on the “Quote” view.

Before this update, you still were able to see which invoice was coming from which quote. However, our users have been busy bods and as it happens at times, there are multiple invoices generated form a single quote. For this reason, we felt a need to expand this feature.

So, now when you create a new quote on its own or from budgeted data in your project, you can easily convert it to an invoice with a single click.

Creat an Invoice from a quote.

New List of Invoices generated from the quote

See All Invoices created from a Quote for Your Business

Now, we show all the invoices generated from a single quote. Remember that Client, Project and all the options from a quote are directly transferred to the new invoice. You can still edit these fields later on but as a general rule of thumb, we expect that the client and project for the new invoice is the same as it is for the quote.

Invoice list view shows Quote reference

Invoice list shows which quote it was created from

Invoice List views in Skylight receive a lot of hits due to the share usability of this view. On the left side, you have the filter options so that you can filter the list by a client contact or a project besides many other filterable options.

We now have updated the Invoice List view, so any invoice that was generated from a quote will show a reference to the quote.

New status ‘Rejected’ for Quotes

You now have a new status ‘rejected’ for Quotes, this new status helps marking Quotes that are not approved and will not be progressed further. This update is a direct result of customer feedback, where the use case was quite clear and Quote that already have a status option as Sent, Approved or Draft were not fitting.

So now any Quote that is not approved by the client you can change the status as ‘Rejected’ by simply clicking on the status field in the Quote list view of from Quote sidebar.

Accounting invoice, quote and PO statuses in Skylight for business

Skylight customers come from all walks of life; we have larger companies and departments, smaller organizations and freelancers who use our service daily to manage their business activities in and out. Besides being able to create invoices or quotes, there are hundreds of features that add value to your business today. Some of you might not need it today but in the future when you do, they are available to assist your growth.

Please request a demo to have a better understanding of how we can be of help here.

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