Business Productivity - How to Optimize it for Your Employees


Business Productivity – How to Optimize it for Your Employees

Business productivity is crucial to the success of any business -
Business productivity is crucial to any business. To ensure your business is successful, there are many things that you’ll need to keep doing every day. This leads to the big question, are you really productive? Are the different things you’re implementing working?

Below are some of the things that you need to do to improve your business productivity.


The business field is always revolving and there are always new strategies coming up that are geared to making things easier and making processes faster. Therefore, it is crucial for all businesses to organize regular staff trainings to make sure that all members of staff are updated on the latest in their field.

Check employee performance

It is important to put measures to ensure each employee performs at their best. This can include setting specific performance standards that each employee should meet.

Most companies used to tout absenteeism as one of the worst forms of poor performance. Nowadays, businesses have also noted that presenteeism is a big problem. This is where an employee is actually present at work but not performing as expected. Therefore, deal with both absenteeism and presenteeism in your business.

Deal with staff issues

Are there issues with your staff that you have not dealt with? When issues are piled, productivity dips and employee turnover increases. To increase your business productivity, it is important for you to make sure that your staff issues are dealt with in good time. As long as your employees feel like you’re taking good care of them, they’ll return the favor and perform at their best.

Use productivity tools

As stated above, new things come up every day to ensure businesses are more productive. Among these are productivity tools. These mostly come in form of software programs that take care of different tasks swiftly and quickly. For example, your small business can make good use of Skylight to help in project and task management.

Good communication

Communication is key in any relationship. The same goes with business. You need to make sure that there is proper in-house communication. All the employees and business partners need to know their specific roles and understand their detailed instructions so that they can execute their roles with pinpoint precision.

On the other hand, you need to ensure that you also communicate with your clients in a timely and professional manner. Using a system such as Skylight, for example, will ensure that you don’t have to worry about invoicing since all your clients will be invoiced in time. This in turn ensures timely payments are made and you’re able to take care of other core issues in your business. Keeping contacts list uptodate, creating Contact related tasks such as when a client needs to be called back culminate in to better communication.

Internet filtering

The internet is one of the best resources of this age. It is a useful tool for research, marketing and even recreation.

On the other hand, it is one of the most abused tools in businesses. Therefore, you may need to create relevant filters to make sure your staff concentrates on their core tasks when they are online.

Flexible schedules

This is a method that works great with small businesses and freelancers. Here, you don’t have to worry much about the internet and other things, as long as quality is ensured in whatever employees and business partners deliver.

The point here is that we cannot all attain the same levels of productivity when operating under the same rules. Some people are more productive at night, others during the day while others prefer working at specific intervals or different environments. Giving flexible schedules will ensure that all your employees work at their best times. Their overall quality of work should clearly indicate whether or not the arrangement is working well. Not to mention the work life balance catering to individual needs.

Motivate employees

Motivation is vital to all human beings. We all perform better when we feel happy and motivated. Therefore, set up measures for motivation of your employees. This can run from giving incentives to those who perform well to organizing frequent motivational programs, trainings and activities.

Set reasonable rules

Rules are necessary for all businesses. On the other hand, it is true that not all rules are beneficial or even reasonable.

To make sure your rules work for you, just have a few mandatory, necessary and reasonable ones instead of a long list of obsolete rules. This way, your employees will be able to comfortably work without any undue pressure.

Get enough rest and have some fun

Make sure both you and your employees get enough rest. Overworking and fatigue leads to sluggishness which negatively impacts on business productivity. As much as you may not able to directly influence how your employees will rest, your role will be to make sure that no single employee is overworked. Simply make sure you also have measures of ensuring that they leave on time and can easily take an off or even take their annual leave.

You can also decide to organize frequent fun activities for your employees; take them out for dinner, organize a sports day or simply organize out-of-town team building exercises.

Bottom Line

Making sure your staff is productive is a hard nut to crack. Most businesses don’t even know if their productivity is at the optimal range. Even if you feel like your productivity is on point, there is always room for improvement. Implementing the above strategies will ensure your business is performing well without driving your employees crazy.

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