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As the business owner I use Skylight every working day to streamline Campaigns & Visual Desing Agency business management on every aspect. I have a contact profile for all of my clients, individuals as well a corporates, keeping all my business contacts in one place, taged and organised.

I create and track my projects weekly to ensure they are performed to spec, not to mention on time – with the help of “My task” tab all my todos are always in check, I know what i need to do for which project and client.

I am constantly using the Quotes tab, to bang out speedy cost estimates with ease. The table input, and toggle buttons make this process a natural one, even for a “creative minded” individual like me.

Once customers give us the go ahead for campaigns & visual design projects, at the click of a button, my quote is converted to an invoice, I set the due date, and send quotes as email in a matter of seconds.

The truth is I Love Skylight! I have been using it for 2 full years now, and it has played a big role on my business’s growth. Thank you Skylight.

Here is a selection of the Dixign Solutions portfolio.

About Dixign Solutions:

Dixign Solutions is a creative consultation company. Specialising in creating thoughtful internal campaigns and visual communication for companies such as Engen, Unilever, Queenspark and Intervate.

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TaimurTaimur is the founder of Skylight. He is a serial entrepreneur with a string of successful companies to his name in UK. Having identified a gap in the market, in 2009, Taimur set up to fulfil a simple need for every business; to centralise all key business data in one application. offers a web-based business collaboration solution that includes project management, tasks, time billing and invoicing among layers of features specially designed for businesses and freelancers. It is available in multiple languages including Spanish and German making it a complete business management app.View all posts by Taimur →