Guardian NEWS on Skylight and Efficiency


Guardian News on Skylight and Efficiency

In today’s world, expertise matters, but productivity matters more. In the end efficient people always prosper more than mere experts.

I strive to always make the best use of my time, especially when doing work-related stuff; ensuring I complete more projects, tasks and milestones faster. This does not only help me to achieve business growth, I also get more time to relax and enjoy life.

Many people do not measure their efficiency and therefore never know how much they could gain with increased productivity.

I recently installed tracking software on my computer so that I could track my productivity. This way, I could focus on business-related stuff and see how efficient I really am.

Below are the results, verifying that I am almost 70% productive during the week. It was interesting to learn that I am most productive in the afternoons.

My efficiency over a two week period

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On analyzing further, I realize that I still waste my time on things that I have absolute control over; meaning I could still easily increase my productivity.

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According to this, I spend 14 hours on entertainment; browsing through Facebook, YouTube and other media avenues. This seems great but still shows that there is room for improvement. On the other hand, these results still show great efficiency and I’m really pleased with myself.

Do you want to know more about efficiency? If so, look out for my blog post soon where I’ll share more information on this.

So, why am I talking about efficiency?

This all started with recent news on the Guardian, talking about how the web app has enabled us to be efficient in optimizing our work. We therefore thought of appreciating the Guardian and helping you out by sharing this great post. You can also help others by sharing this information through your social network accounts like Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

Best Practice to Improve Efficiency on Guardian News

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