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Credit control is vital for the success of any business – Releasing Debtors Cash Flow Statements

Debtors Cash Flow Statements - Skylight Business App Accounts

Let’s face it; many small and even large businesses have no control over outstanding amounts from all the invoices they issue.

If not, they have systems that are so complicated that businesses have to spend many hours propping up reports at the end of every month or whenever the credit control reports are needed.

This is a common scenario with freelancers who work from one job to another; they have no time to keep checking or updating countless random documents whenever they need to know which invoices are overdue and need to be followed up on.

Invoicing for Small Businesses and Freelancers

Personally, I started freelancing later in the 90s. I offered services that were in high demand. This constantly kept me busy from one project to another. My invoices kept being generated on an ever-evolving spreadsheet system.

After a couple of years, my invoices folder was filled with hundreds, or even thousands of documents. I had no clue how to tell the ones that were due immediately and needed following up.

Don’t get me wrong though, I am a very systematic person who loves to be in the know of what’s coming in and when to pay the bills. I later came up with a clever way of naming the invoices where I would mark them when paid and enter them into another spreadsheet for the accountant.

To cut the long story short, I know this is an experience that resonates with many established business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

So, why am I bringing this up?

Obviously I want to announce our latest release of debtors’ statements that has just gone live today. This comes after our former release about accounting statements overall.

Releasing Debtors Cash Flow Statements:

Debtors Cash Flow Statements

Well, it improves your bird’s eye view of what’s happening with all those precious hours that you’ve put into your latest project. It also emails that nice little invoice to the client.

Yes, that’s how easy it will be for you to get the cash in.

Debtors Cash Flow Statements - Preview example

The new debtors’ statements show what’s due now and what invoices are due for payment in the next 30 or 60 days. In case you have slackened on credit control, the 90 days slot will move you to make an immediate phone call to your client to get the overdue invoice paid ASAP.

What’s more? This is all neatly laid out with the details of invoice, projects and amounts. As usual, in true Skylight way, we didn’t stop here 🙂

You can generate debtors statements by client, across companies or you can further filter it by date range.

Project Debtors Statement

Have you been working on a long project that has many invoices? This system makes it easy for you since you can even get a statement by project.

Client Debtors Statement

What if you have many projects per client? As usual, we’ve still got you covered. You can generate statements by individual clients.

You can as well print or save debtors’ statements as PDF.

With this new update, it is our hope that your company coffers will maintain an optimum cash flow.

The market is getting tougher and tougher. There are too many conditions and keeping tabs on cash flow is critical so that you can foresee any potential problem before it becomes an elephant in the room.

Credit control is vital for the success of any business; therefore you need to be on point with it.

Here is a knowledgebase article that covers this in more detail

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