Paypal Integration Send Invoices & Collect Payments


Paypal Integration Now Allows Freelancers and Small Businesses to Send Invoices and Collect Payments

Paypal Integration Now Allows Freelancers and Small Businesses to Send Invoices and Collect Payments

Imagine doing months, and weeks, worth of project work for your client.  Then imagine creating an invoice and sending your client the bill and anticipating a cheque or electronic transfer. Finally envision waiting for a payment that doesn’t arrive. Just perfect!  When you’re running around chasing unpaid accounts, in addition to creating stress, you spend time that could have been used moving your next project forward.  Time management is crucial. You don’t want to create an environment where you’re involved in a cycle of collecting and waiting, for clients to pay.  Sounds familiar? Skylight is here to relieve you of that worry. We offer you the benefit of integrating our Skylight invoices with PayPal! Making Skylight a perfect solution for freelancers and small businesses.

A number of Skylight users have inquired, for months, about the possibility of us including PayPal integration to the invoices they generate in Skylight. And we agreed; it would be a fabulous feature to add to Skylight offering. Therefore we have now decided to add PayPal to be a part of Skylights growing features and we believe it’s an amazing tool that’ll save you a lot of time.

The PayPal integration is only accessible on freelance, small medium and large accounts. If you are on a free account, you won’t be able to see this PayPal option and will need to upgrade to a higher package. To upgrade your account please follow this link on Skylight knowledge base.

How will  Skylight’s PayPal Integration Help You?

You will be able to distribute your invoices to your clients and get those invoices paid directly into your PayPal account.  This integration means that clients will be able to pay you via debit/credit card or their PayPal account. It’s a really simple process and all you’ll need is a verified PayPal account.

PayPal: Enable the payment Gateway on your account.

To enable PayPal Gateway simply navigate to Accounts > Gateways. Again, if you are on a free account, you will not be able to see the Gateway section.  In order to see this link, you will need to upgrade your account.

Paypal gateway integration with skylight from main navigation

Once you arrive at the “Gateways” section, the list of existing gateways will be displayed.  If you are just beginning the process for the first time, this list will be empty.  In order to create a new PayPal Gateway, all you need to do is click on add “+” button as illustrated in the image below.

Paypal gateway list view shows you all the gateways enabled on your account Skylight

After you select the add “+” option, you will need to enter the title which will be shown when you select this gateway in your invoices.  Under the “Email” field, ensure that you enter the primary email used for your PayPal account because this is where the payments will be sent.  Again, you will need to have a verified account in PayPal.  Then select default so that this gateway is selected on every new invoice you generate and then click “Save” button.

Paypal integration with Skylight add a new gateway

Now every time you create any new invoice, this PayPal gateway will display as one of the options.  In the case where you had to select the default option, in creating your PayPal gateway, that Gateway will be selected automatically on new a invoice.


Paypal integration select which gateway to use on new invoice

The following is an example of a invoice preview page.  Keep in mind that the footers, and headers, and many other features on the invoice are fully customizable.

skylight integration with PayPal sample invoice

Any invoice you create, in Skylight, will now have that well-known Paypal “Pay Now” button. From the preview page, you can choose “Send” in order to send the Invoice to the client or another contact.

Tokenized links on emails for skylight invoice

The resulting message will now have a new tokenized link embedded in the email body, it’s a direct link to the invoice. This link will be able to lead the clients to view their invoices without having to log into Skylight (or having a Skylight user account).  The direct links are randomly generated and will only be viewable by you and the recipient of the email message, or anyone you share this link with.

On receipt of this message client will then click the “Pay Now” Button to send their invoice payment. After choosing this “Pay Now” option, they will be redirected to a PayPal page that contains your invoice details and the amount due for payment.

The PayPal page will allow them the option of paying the invoice via credit card, or debit card, They can also use their PayPal account.

Payments received on your PayPal account

Upon completion, payments will be pulled by Skylight.  Skylight will then compare the original invoice versus the amount received.  Your balance, on your invoice, will automatically show any outstanding payments after the paid amount has been deducted. If the invoice has been paid in full the invoice status will be marked as “Paid” automatically by the system.


You may be wondering “What if I issue a refund from PayPal”?  We have you covered here as well! If you issue any refunds, from Paypal, this will all be posted against the invoice that you have in Skylight. So you know exactly what’s been paid, refunded and when.

In Summary

The PayPal service is only accessible if you have a Paid packages on Skylight.  In the case that you have a free account, please consider an upgrade to a higher package and then you’ll see PayPal Gateway option.

Let us know how you find the PayPal integration experience and share your thoughts on our Forum, Twitter and Facebook.

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