Customisable Status for Projects, Time billing and Expenses


Releasing Customisable Statuses for Projects, Time billing and Expenses

Skylight Shows Number Of Projects In Various Statuses Of Progress In Customisable Colors 2

Skylight  now offers customisable statuses for Projects, Time Billing and Expenses (Fixed Price Items). Users can create personalised flow of projects, for complex stages in scheduling and time logging. The new stats blocks use your custom colours for  a visual reference. In the example below we can see how many Projects we have within each status.

 Skylight shows number of projects at status

Statuses and Filters:

These new status blocks provide you with a quick link to data on Projects Lists, Milestones and Stages. Simply clicking on a status will result in list being filtered by that status , while filter on the sidebar gets updated with the clicked status, this allows user to further filter the list.

Skylight Showing filtered status

Custom Statuses:

We always allowed users to create custom statuses for  Projects, Time and Fixed Price Items (quantity based expenses) but we had few system wide statuses which users could not be delete or change. Though user could create new custom ones but had to live with the system ones as well.

Add custom project time and expenses fixed price items statuse with custom name and color

So now this restriction is removed so users can create custom statuses. This will help users streamline project management through its various statuses, time billing and expense allocations across Skylight.

So for instance if you have a flow of project moving from lets say budget then to schedule, production, post production and delivery…you can use similar project flow to move projects between these.

Proposed > Scheduling > In Progress > Delivered > Invoiced > Closed

Time Based Statuses:

This same process can be followed for your time events as well as quantity based items or Fixed price items as they are famously called in Skylight.

For Time based workflow we give you three options to log time. Budget, Schedule and Actual. Where Actual time status are default for time logging side of things. For instance when using our start and stop timers on tasks, any time logged using timer would always default to Actual time status.

So now you can also customise which status is used for time logging by selecting default on the status you wish to designate for time billing purposes. So when saving time logs default status is selected.

adding a new time status used on time billing, scheduling and management

Fixed Price Items:

When you need to record one off expenses or quantity based items, any resource allocation on a project based on quantity rather than time. Having custom statuses on this side of things means that you now have full control over how you wish to progress expenses. So you could budget for an expense and then move or copy that to actual and then bill. But again it’s optional  and based on your personal requirments, you might wish to record expenses as Actuals.

Hope this update helps in Skylights utility for you and your business.

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