Accounting Statement Reports Make it Easy to Manage Invoices and Quotes


New Accounting Statement Reports Make it Easy to Manage Invoices and Quotes

Invoice Statement By Client
Skylight has some cool and powerful  features for your business needs.  The accounting features we offer help you with your invoices, quote, estimates and, budgeting.   With the help of  integrated accounting, and project management, you can record expenses and billable time using Skylights task timers.  After recording this data, you will be able to convert them to accounting modules as listed above (i.e invoice or quote).

Those are just a few of the Skylight features that businesses using this web app are constantly working with.  One thing that’s been lacking, in helping businesses manage their accounting needs,  is the ability to generate statements for invoices, quotes and purchase orders.

We are pleased to announce release of accounting statements, now you can produce accounting statements by Client or a Project.

Freelancers and Small Business using Skylight will now have the chance to generate accounting statements for  their project, or client, or better yet, the whole business.  These statements will enable  you to fill in the gaps quicker so you can send out your client accounting information in a timely manner. For example, say you want to find out an up to date outstanding balance for a specific client.

Here is an example of how a client based  invoice statement looks like.

Once you log in, the new accounting statements conveniently reside under the  “Accounts” section. You can  browse to it from Skylight main navigation.

On the next view select the statement that you want, use the dropdown to choose  “Invoice, Quote or PO”.  Then you can further specify, if you wish, to generate a statement across your business by leaving rest of the fields empty.  You can also scope it by a project, client or even a date range (remember these are optional).

As soon as you hit “save”,  Skylight gets to work  gathering all the necessary data based on the criteria you selected in the previous screen.  And then all you have to do is  hit “save”.

Cliche as it might sound saying  “Fresh off the press”, you will be happy to get a professional looking statement ready for download as PDF or, to send to a client.


Freelance businesses with the fancy invoice styling to the small company with bigger, consistent, branding needs! No matter what size, we have you covered.  Setting up custom headers and footers is easy:  for advanced users we have full HTML support with images, tables and more. If you wish to learn more about customising these layouts  then i’ll suggest having a read of this post on our support forum. Please click here.

Hope this new Skylight update helps you in your business management.  We will be rolling out more exciting options for statements so please send in your suggestions and requests on our forum. So feel free to talk to one another, ask questions, give advice and share insights. The more you connect with your peers, the more you’ll succeed.


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