Faster Speedier Skylight Dashboard goes on steroids!


Faster.. Speedier..Skylight Dashboard goes on steroids!

Skylight Dashbaord

Recently we have seen a huge number of small businesses and freelancers switching over to Skylight Dashboard. Thanks to a robust product and feature set Skylight has truly become the central desktop app for thousands of companies.  From day to day collaboration, getting those tasks and projects done on time, Skylight is becoming what we call “Sticky” in the app world.

At Skylight our goal has always been to develop features based on our customers needs and feedback.  Providing a valued service has always been our moto.

We are pleased to announce an update to our dashboard for speed as well as the new updated Task Widget!

Skylight dashboard gives you almost all the key areas of your business at a glance therefore when dashboard is loaded Skylight gets to work, gathering all the necessary data from all across your account. This is a time consuming process required some clever engineering. Thanks to Skylight development team we now can serve this data faster than before hence saving you those precious seconds.



The new speedier version of Skylight dashboard is now 50% faster than before. But we didn’t stop at that, you’ll find the new Task widget more useful than its older version.

List of widgets give you quick access to interact, create and monitor almost all the main areas of Skylight.

  • My Projects: Lists recent five projects you are assigned to as a participant. Create a task, file or take other actions for each listed project, as well as review recent activity on the project.
  • Contacts: All recent contacts and fast search option, from here you can also add tasks, time files and other related contact data.
  • Activity: See what’s been happening across your projects and company.
  • Fixed Price Items: Add expenses and quantity of resources on projects and tasks.
  • Time: All time events in your business and projects.
  • My Time: All time events related to you as a user.
  • Resources: Quickly search all resources i.e equipment, rooms, locations and add new ones.
  • Annotations: See what’s been said about your latest design. Yes, Skylight allows you to comment on images aka annotations.
  • Messages: All your latest messages in a  widget. Only messages related to you as a user are shown.
  • Comments: Keep on top of conversations happening across your Skylight account.
  • My Invitations: As a user of Skylight you can have access to multiple companies. If you get invited to collaborate and access another company, invitations widget will show you the information. Most users won’t need this activated so this widget can be removed from your dashboard. Users also get an email for any invites as well from where they can take further action.
  • Files: All your recent files, add new files, create and import google docs and more all related to files.
  • Milestones: Recent milestones give you quick access to deadlines.
  • Invoices, quotes & PO’s: All main accounting needs are at your fingertips. Add a new invoice or a payment received for an invoice, create a quick quote and more from collection of invoice, quote and purchase order widgets.

And finally My Tasks widget which shows all your incomplete, due today, due this week tasks and some quick stats to show number of tasks due in each. Selecting the stats will show the filtered results.

Here are some tips for better Dashboard performance:

To get the most out of Skylights dashboard, we suggest to disable all the unnecessary widgets. If you don’t need it or haven’t used it in a while then turn these widgets off. This way the data on dashboard load is reduced meaning faster dashboard page loads.

Use your browser bookmarks to open regularly accessed pages as Tabs. On some browsers you can even enable specific pages to load automatically on start. This means that you can have a tab/window open for all contacts, projects and dashboard so rather than going from one page to another just click on the tab and you are already in that section.


Let us know how you find these improvements. We are also rolling out smaller improvements on a daily basis so please connect with us on our Twitter and Facebook.

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