Latest updates that help you save time


Latest updates that help you save time

Google Maps Now Integrated
Things have been fairly busy for us at Skylight. We have been working hard behind the scenes on some awesome new updates and features, pushing out code to our live servers on a daily basis. Some of these improvements are implemented through suggestions we received on our forum. So here’s a quick preview…


Faster Contacts, Projects, Stages and over all superness for list views:

We have updated our system so that now you get faster views for your contacts, projects, stages and milestone lists. The interaction between our servers and your browser is now almost 35% faster, this means less waiting time for pages to load specially for companies with large number of contacts and projects. You will also find that filtering is super quick!


Quick access to related data:

Related data for projects, contacts, milestones and projects

Now see related comments, Tasks, Time schedules and files by simply hovering over links right under your main data model. So if you wish to see recent comments on a project from project list, then simply hover over the “Comments” link under you project title. A new pop-up window will show you the recent comments on that project. Saving you having to click through to that project. You can also create new comments directly through these popups.


Contacts Twitter stream:

Skylight has always had the feature of adding Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter links to each contact profile, now we’ve expanded on this feature. If you add a Twitter link to any contact and then bring your mouse pointer to hover over it, Skylight will fetch the 5 most recent tweets for that contact. This we hope will give you quick on the go access to whats been going on with a particular contact. You can do this on Projects as well as resources.


Selecting multiple records:

We have updated multiple selection option on all main list views.  Now you can hold “Shift” or “Ctrl” keys down and select multiple records on Contacts, Tasks, Projects, Stages and Milestones lists. This feature also works across pages so if you have selected two records on page 1 and 5 on page two then Skylight will remember how many records you’ve selected across these pages, thus assisting you with bulk editing or adding selected contacts as participants to a project.


View your team Calendars and schedules:

We have added new filterable options on Time(Calendar) views.  You can create filters for specific contacts (resources) using tags. So you can tell Skylight calendar to show events related to any contacts with a Team, Client or Supplier tag or even their names. Again using the saved filter you can create a custom view of this data and call on these saved filters for later use. This will help to customise your business calendar and using saved filters will provide you quick access to these.


Assign selected contacts to Project

Now you can select multiple contacts from the contacts list and add them to projects in just a few clicks. To do this simply select the contacts you wish to add to a project, use the actions menu and select add to project.


Delete Tags from list views:

Delete tags from any of the list views. No need to go in to a contact or a project to manage Tags. Simply click “x” option on the Tag itself to delete.


See contacts addresses in Google Maps!

Yep if you have added address details for any contact simply click on address details to view it in Google maps! This will help companies that need to know where the project address on a map is or a contact lives to quickly view location information.

Hope these updates are helpful. Please feel free to drop us a line at Skylight forumFacebook and Twitter or  comment below

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