Extending Skylight Notification System - Now Reply to Comments by Email


Extending Skylight Notification System – Now Reply to Comments by Email

Skylight comment notifications and reply to them by email

We opened our notification system a while back in December, it was a major update and took months to get going. The problem was not actually sending emails when things happened in Skylight but also finding out who should get notified of any activity…. Anyways we figured that out and released Skylight notification system back in 2011 facilitating the offline project management process.

This was great but there was one small problem, when comment is posted in Skylight project a notification is sent from Skylight to everyone involved. In this notification you get a link to click and view posted comment back in Skylight App. Most of the time, you just want to respond to that comment by email.

Today we are releasing reply to comments feature. This means any comment notification you get in your inbox, simply reply to these notifications and your email message will get extracted and inserted as a new comment in Skylight.

Posting a comment back:
Simply type your content above these lines and that’s it.


// To reply to this comment please add your reply above here


Email Signatures:
We all love our email signatures, so during our internal tests we have been removing our signatures so that the comment feeds don’t get cluttered with them. So remove your email signatures especially if they contain images like company logos as they would get imported in as files. read below

Attachments are automatically extracted and attached to the comments. This is a great feature if you wish to comment and upload files in one go. One key thing here is to remove any email signatures as they would get extracted and imported in as attachments.

Extending Skylight Notification System - Now Reply to Comments by Email

We hope this new feature will help your business project management while increasing collaboration across your company.

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