Get Tasks done on Time - Launching Major Update to Tasks


Get Tasks done on Time – Launching Major Update to Tasks

Get Things done on time Tasks, Time Logging & Tasks Lists

Getting things done is not only reliant on getting a good solution to record, manage and organise your tasks but also being proactive and systematic about the way you go about managing your day. The fact is that in most cases no matter how well you plan your day, things will take their own course and will require you to reorganise tasks.
The hardest thing about being productive is not the work, but the split second it takes to decide to take control – David Allen

How you record what tasks need to be done, how you manage them and reorganise them –  is where Skylight comes in to play. Freeing your mind to focus on getting them done. And if you are running a business where you need to bill for time then time logging feature in Skylight is been described awesome, simple and efficient by of Skylight users.

The latest update of our new task management system.

Improved Drag and drop:

Now you have your Task list on all main views My Tasks, All Tasks and Project Tasks. You can easily organise tasks between task lists by drag and drop onto a new task list or up and down within each task list.

New Status Bar:

See how many tasks are Incomplete, Due today or Due this week, selecting these will filter the current view based on your selection.  So if you select “Due Today” the list will filter itself to only show you what’s due today. Not only that, for you to continue using the advance filter these values will be pre-populated in the filter on the right giving you option to further filter current selection, very useful feature if you have a large number of tasks and you need to move between them to get things done.

Task Priorities:

Right under the filter you will see new Task Priorities as Low, Medium, High and Critical. Selecting these will filter current Task list to a specific priority level and also update the filter on the right hand panel with that priority so that you can use the filter to further narrow your options down.

Faster Response Times:

We have improved the performance of Task list views so that all your actions are saved and updated much faster than before. Saving you those precious seconds!

Completed Tasks are hidden?

Once a task is completed you might not want to see them cluttering your focus. So by default completed tasks are now hidden. We have provided a new option on top of the lists “Show Completed“. Enabling this will show all your completed tasks.

Task Related Comments, Files, Time & Fixed Items:

No need to browse to a task to see what comments were left, what files have been added or time logged. Simply hovering over the new popup pallets, These links will show recent comments, recent time logs and files. As well as giving you quick access to that record. as well as allow you to add a new comment or a file right from it.

Saved Filters:

We have pulled saved filters out of their hiding place and put them right under the Filter and after Priority Buttons on the right side of the screen. This will give you quick access to your custom filters i.e you can create a saved filter to show Tasks with high priority, specific to a project or assigned to a team member or with a combination of tags and other variables. Giving you access to custom search criteria at your finger tips. I know it sounds so corny but it’s exactly what Filters help you achieve in Skylight.

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