Skylight now in Japanese, Czech, Spanish and French - Skylight goes multilingual


Skylight now in Japanese, Czech, Spanish and French – Skylight goes multilingual

Skylight multi-language support
So now Skylight is available in multiple languages (multilingual). If you remember a few months back we asked our users to help us translate Skylight. Back then we didn’t have the right tools, meaning users had to download a piece of software and the files and what not to make that happen …. a long process indeed! Put it simply it wasn’t easy and the result was that we didn’t get much response.

Then we found a brilliant service that we could incorporate to make it easy for ourselves as well as our users to translate the application collaboratively; the result is now live at

Czech, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Afrikaans, Polish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Russian, French and of course English.

Not all the languages are fully translated but we have made available the ones that had the most translation:

How to change languages:

Skylight now supports multiple languages

Simply browse to your personal settings page (top right when logged in to the app) and then select the drop down for the languages we have available. If you don’t see your language then it might be that we are waiting for translation on that particular language to reach a certain level before they are integrated in to the Skylight app.

So if you are feeling productive then head on to our translation portal and help us make Skylight available in other languages.

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