Launching Email Notifications


Launching Email Notifications

Skylight Email Notifications
If you have recently assigned a task to a team member and a few minuets later a email turns up in your inbox from them, saying “they will get the task done in no time”. Don’t panic its not that they are sitting on Skylight all the time, its because Skylight had just sent them an email notification saying they have been assigned a task on Skylight by you.

Yes we finally opened our email notification!

When you assign a task, the assigned contact (user) gets an email. If someone leaves a comment on the project, stage, task, files or even marks complete a milestone, you will get notified via email. In Skylight you can have many email addresses for a contact so the only email address Skylight will use is the user’s log-in email address.
Email notifications work on a project level this enables people to take necessary action. Notifications are only sent to users of you business account i.e people who can log-in to your business. So if you assign participants to a project, who are not registered with Skylight they won’t get any notifications at all.

Turning notifications on & off

To turn notifications on and off, though we don’t suggest you do this or else what’s the use of us working so hard to get you this feature? May be you are working on a large project and don’t want to get every little detail or may be you are always plugged in to Skylight, so know whats happening across your project anyways. Then browse to your personal setting (top right ‘Setting’), then the 2nd tab for the business you are working on and deselect the ‘Receive Notification’ option and save. That’s it you won’t be receiving email notifications from then on.

Skylight allows you to have multiple business accounts.

Each of the settings for notifications are user and business specific. Meaning you could be a contractor working with a client who uses Skylight but also have your own business on Skylight. To change this you can simply select the business name on the top left of your screen and switch between different businesses you have access to or create a new business.
Do give us your feedback on how we should improve this on our forum and dont forget we have recently released new videos.

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