Skylight business management and productivity tool launches online collaboration software


Skylight business management and productivity tool launches online collaboration software

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So how do you come up with something like Skylight? What has driven our team onwards and onwards to constantly improve the functionality and interface of Skylight?

The Skylight team – as diverse as we all are – have had one thing in common. While establishing new businesses and working in older ones, one issue that cropped up time and again was managing information as the company grew.

Skylight web-based management and productivity online business collaboration software

All possible address book-type software fell WAY short of keeping track of which Contacts were related to which companies, through which colleague, and who had made contact in the first place. We wanted to keep track of our valuable people when they moved jobs and wanted to know who in our company had last spoken to any client or supplier… and what they had talked about.

And then… we had relationships that became “stranded” between initial contact and our invoicing and accounting system. We were using a  separate system for each part of the company. Spreadsheets for contact lists, accounting software for financial information, databases for project bookings, a big old server for our valuable files and templates. Our team worked together and made it work, but there was something missing in the company – a smoothly oiled machine!

We wanted our data management system to reflect the collective knowledge and history of our organisation and talented people working for us. And we wanted it to be easy to use.

Simply put, we couldn’t afford the fully integrated systems available out there!

The IT infrastructure alone was pricey and we just muddled along with several stopgap solutions that fell short of what we knew we wanted. And we spent our valuable time double-checking everything we entered into our databases, cleaning contact lists, removing duplication of information and making sure nothing could be lost from our own servers.

And then we decided that the only true solution was to build it ourselves – a cloud-computing solution called Skylight.

As Skylight has solved the many issues we struggled with we hope it solves yours! Data management that actually manages our data! What a revolution! What a relief…

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TaimurTaimur is the founder of Skylight. He is a serial entrepreneur with a string of successful companies to his name in UK. Having identified a gap in the market, in 2009, Taimur set up to fulfil a simple need for every business; to centralise all key business data in one application. offers a web-based business collaboration solution that includes project management, tasks, time billing and invoicing among layers of features specially designed for businesses and freelancers. It is available in multiple languages including Spanish and German making it a complete business management app.View all posts by Taimur →