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Import Basecamp data into Skylight, Launching new features

Skylight provides Basecamp data Import

It’s about time you moved on from being at the Basecamp and climbed to the top. The view from here is shiny bright blue sky and fluffy white clouds. In fact, to make this transition you are only a few clicks away, and the good part is there is no climb. Welcome to Skylight’s launch of Basecamp import!

We have had quite a few requests from users to be able to import their Basecamp data in to Skylight and although we tried to keep it on the list of things to do, we encountered a few clients with hundreds of projects, thousands of tasks, comments and contacts. There was no way these guys would have jumped ship with that much data in Basecamp. They were using Basecamp add-ons to do various functions critical to their business needs, this not only increased the overall costs of the various solutions in use but each extra service increased the time for the team to learn new pieces of software to do the simplest of tasks. So we thought why not use this opportunity to work with the Basecamp API and see what we can do.

We had to add a few extra features to Skylight to make the data more compatible so we added new task lists (ta da list) and discussions (messages) to Skylight and few other tweaks. These were necessary from the Skylight point of view as well as bringing it in line with compatibility with Basecamp Data. Also we have been working on a communications system (messages) so that the users can send emails in/out of their Skylight accounts and provide a way to integrate email systems where possible. So to cut a long story short we now have many users who have used our Basecamp import feature to bring their data in to Skylight. It’s also given us more reasons to start planning our API so that more applications out there will sync with our services.

Announcing latest features:

Timezone support

We should have done this ages ago! Anyways now you can set your timezone which translates all the times recorded in the system based on your timezone settings.

Task lists

Now you can add task lists to your projects, making the organizing of tasks more manageable. Moving tasks around within a list is just a matter of drag and drop. On the task list view we now have “quick adding” of multiple tasks and have introduced a new dashboard widget for task lists as well.

Discussion and comments

We added discussions to our comment feeds all across Skylight, so now you can group your comments by discussion and create as many discussions as you like on any project, stage, contact and many other areas of Skylight where commenting is possible. We have also introduced a new discussions widget.

Support for video and audio files

We now support playback of a range of uploaded media files. This feature will help our creative user base to collaborate on moving images and sound files. There are certain limitations on file size for preview purposes (200 MB max) and only web-based formats of these files are supported.

Basecamp Import

Now you can import Basecamp information by providing your Basecamp API details. This helps current users of Basecemp move to Skylight and benefit from the added functionality and features we offer. To do the Basecamp import simply log in to your business settings and follow the instructions in the Basecamp Import section.


Hope you enjoy these new features and Basecamp import, even if you are testing Skylight’s capabilities for future use you can take simple steps to import your live data to test with and when you are ready to go live just send our support team an email. We will make sure your testing grounds are cleared up of any debris and your information is imported across from Basecamp afresh. Any help you need we are here to help and provide support throughout this process. Feel free to contact us through our  Support forum .

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