Skylight Now Integrates With Google Docs


Skylight Now Integrates With Google Docs

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Team-driven projects have gained a lot of juice just in the last few years because of cloud computing innovations that allow for new levels of sharing and collaborating. Questions like, “who’s got the latest iteration?” “Who’s allowed to access that?” and “What other files are involved?” are now answered easily. Google was one of the earliest innovators in software-as-a-service, and Google Docs is a wonderful team tool for keeping track of, sharing, and collaborating over documents.

We recognize that tools like Google Docs fit in well with the Skylight philosophy, and it makes perfect sense to integrate the two. We’ve added Google Docs integration into the beta version of Skylight, now giving you more power to collaborate, and bring your Google Docs files directly into your Skylight projects. With this new addition, Skylight has gained a valuable ally in Google, and your business environment gains a powerful new dimension.

More than just project management

We have created an environment in Skylight that helps you keep your projects organized, while managing all of your leads, contacts, calendars, and accounts. But effective project management is more than just information, dates and calendars—managing a project means managing documents. That’s why we’ve integrated Google Docs directly into the Skylight environment.

The Google Docs integration enhances our existing document previews and image annotation feature, and the new “attach file” feature significantly enhanced our ability to group files by contact or project.

Once you’ve created a Google Docs file or added an existing one into Skylight, it can be related to as many contacts or projects as necessary. The files themselves stay in your file library—if you delete a contact or a project, you’ll still have access to the file for future reference or archival purposes. After you bring your Google Docs files into Skylight, it is still linked to your Google account. As a result, you can edit files directly from within Google Docs, and see the changes from within Skylight.

What Google Docs Integration with Skylight Delivers

Users gain several options with this latest addition, and it is now possible to create, edit, or import Google Docs from within Skylight. From the Files tab in your Skylight interface, simply click the “Add” pulldown arrow to access the options. From that menu, you can upload any document directly to your Google Docs account, import a document from your Google Docs account, or create a new Google text document or spreadsheet. If you haven’t connected to Google Docs from Skylight before, you’ll need to authorize access—it just takes a minute, and it’s secure. Users will need to establish a Google account if they don’t have one already, and companies will need a Google Apps account.

Perfect Document Collaboration

In today’s information-driven economy, the documents that underlie a project are the currency of success. Simply keeping those documents on an internal computer is no longer practical, especially in an environment where key stakeholders in a project may be from several different organizations, all in different locations. Bringing document management into the Skylight project management paradigm now makes Skylight one of the most complete, cloud-based project management environments available.

By including a full set of web-based project management, resource scheduling, CRM, accounting, and now document management tools, Skylight makes sure that your business can efficiently track and manage any project, and keep completely up-to-date in each document iteration.

The Advantages of Skylight

Skylight has taken software-as-a-service to an unmatched level by offering a full-spectrum suite of utilities for small business. The suite includes all the tools a small business requires for managing projects, scheduling resources, all types of accounting task including generating invoices, quotes, and purchase orders, and utilities for managing all aspects of customer relations.

Skylight’s contact management tools are just one part of this all-encompassing package. Skylight helps you to gather all of the most relevant information about all of your contacts including contacts social network data and then makes it easy to keep track of the projects, bookings, and tasks connected with them. It helps you to create the most useful tags for grouping items of information, and it lets you search your contact data using the most helpful and relevant filters. You can organize, and re-organize, your contacts in whatever way is most useful to you—e.g., by skills, groups, or most recent activity. Skylight even allows you to share controlled access to your account with clients, team members, and contractors, to create relationships between contacts, and to contact your clients using Skype.

In today’s highly competitive economy, an effective contact management system is essential. The set of tools provided by Skylight is setting the standard for what any high-performing small businesses demand.

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