Create Invoices, Quotes, PO's and new dashboard widgets


Latest improvements – Create Invoices, Quotes, PO’s and new dashboard widgets


One advantage of Skylight’s integrated all-in-one system is that you can trace information and reduce repetitive data entry. Many businesses incur huge expense in tracing this between different applications where project management is disconnected from accounting. Companies using Skylight’s time logs can now benefit from every single minute spent on clients’ projects.

In Skylight you can create invoices, qoutes and POs directly from project data, or by entering line items manually. The advantage of using a project to create an invoice or a quote is that the information is added once, and then used many times, saving you and your team valuable time and reducing administrative overhead. You can also now import accounting codes from your favorite application or accountant to be in complete sync.

Accounting module

add new invoice

The accounting module now gives you full control over your main accounting functions. You can create invoices, quotes and POs from a project or client contact, set your terms of business for each individual invoice or use generic headers and footers set in your business settings.

You can create line items, headings with descriptions, use your tax rates, accounting codes and more. To reorganize them simply drag & drop.
Invoice line items and payments

If you are using project management or time logging, you can simply send bookings to the accounting module to create invoices and quotes.

New accounts dashboard widgets

You can now have Invoice, Quote and PO widgets right on your dashboard, organised by latest activity. On each widget you have the option to go to the record, edit it or go to the Project or Contact it relates to. Widgets can be moved around the dashboard and switched on or off to help you organize your working space.

Project accounts tab

New project accounts tab

Each project now has an accounts tab so you can see what invoices, quotes and POs have been raised for that project in a condensed list, giving you quick access to the relevant information right from your project.

New contact accounts tab

We have also recently introduced accounts tabs for each contact in your Skylight account. Here you can see what invoices have been raised for the contact or company. This will help keep your team aware of any outstanding bills or recent business for that client, so that they can respond quickly in making decisions on future business deals, discounts and markups.

Dashboard demonstration

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