Keeping On Task... the Skylight way!


Keeping On Task… the Skylight way!

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In any business it is vital to keep a smooth management of Tasks – not just keeping track of your own list of to-dos but making sure that everyone on your team is up to date with the next step in a project, organizing an important client meeting or CRM.

Making sure that there is a chain of accountability for every Task is also important – how often have you delegated something and then lost track of who was ultimately responsible for getting it done, or chasing it up? With Skylight you can see when each Task was assigned, who was responsible, how much time is spent on the task so far and keep track of when it is completed.

You can assign a Task to a project, a particular user or to a certain stage of a project. You can also tag contacts, making it easy to see who the Task relates to within or outside your organization. By estimating how long each task can take to complete and entering this onto Skylight you can time your project down to the minute! Using simple start and stop timers for each task. You can even prioritise Tasks as critical/high priority/low priority etc. Allowing you to see what’s coming along the pipeline and what needs to be done ASAP.

One good thing about using Tasks on Skylight is that a Task can be related to a Project and Contact at the same time creating a project based relationship management workflow. So you can assign a Task to your team, like “Finalise proposal” or “Design Presentation” and relate it to a larger Project like “Brand Design” and a client or Contact like “John Smith”. Anyone in your organization (who has permission, of course) who wants to get in touch with Mr. Smith will be able to see at a glance that there are currently pending Tasks that he might want to know more about. The Tasks function makes Projects run smoother and ensures that your client relationships are integrated and up to date.

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And all this is accessible from your dashboard – the first screen you see when you enter your Skylight account. So you can see at a glance what you need to get done any given day or week and what your team is working on.

Skylight allows you to handle tasks and manage your teams like nothing else.

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