Skylight launches Document previews for business & Image annotation for creative industry.


Keep them organized & get approvals! Launching document previews & Image annotation.

annotation comment on with Project Management

Skylight recently introduced image commenting (annotations on images). Anyone who deals with images and needs to collaborate with clients and suppliers will appreciate this feature of Skylight, especially designers, web developers and creative industries in general. Combine this with Skylight’s ability to group these files by contact or project and you have a very powerful integrated system indeed.

Here’s more detail on how it works:

Image annotation and commenting

Browse to any image, either from the main ‘files’ tab or a ‘files’ tab within a project. At top right of the image is an “Add Annotation” button launched image annotation for creative designers to help collaborate – simply click where you want the annotation to start. A selection area box will appear which gives you the ability to select a section on the image by dragging and dropping the edges of the box. Right underneath the box is a comment box where you can type. On saving this annotation the comments are updated below the image.

You can always trace the comments back to the image, project, contact or any section to which the comment relates too. By clicking on the link under the Comment, the browser takes you to the image and highlights the annotated area on the image to reveal the comment. This is useful when there are a few comments on the same image.

annotation comment

File Previewing:

Skylight now supports various file formats thanks to Google integration. We are now able to preview the following file types right within Skylight: Doc, PDF, XLS, text, Png & Jpeg.

These features make Skylight a perfect companion for any business sector by keeping all your projects, contacts and general company related files in one place. Know the history of each and every aspect of your project and collaborate with others across the globe. That is what we call a synergistic system.

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