Linking up with other Users to collaborate


Linking up with other Users to collaborate

Inviting New Users into your Projects

Depending on the type of Skylight Account you have, you can link with other Skylight users – clients, colleagues and friends – and invite them into your Projects. You can selectively allow each of your Invitees certain levels of access depending on their level of responsibility in your organization.

So a Client could see just your recent Bookings and Project related files. A Manager might be able to see more detailed information and might be able to invite new users.

How to invite New Users:

  1. Create a contact for the user your would like to invite.
  2. Go to their contact page and select the SETTINGS tab.
  3. Select the “Can Log In” option to let this person connect with you.
  4. Now you can choose the access level you want the person to have (see below for a full description of Access Levels.
  5. Click on “invite to become linked user…”
  6. On the next screen you will see a list of any and all emails you have for the Contact. Choose one or specify a new address. Skylight will send them an invitation to connect with you! If they’re already on Skylight, then the User will have an invite pop up on their dashboard asking them to come on board!
  7. You’re now working together online, in real-time through Skylight!

Access Levels

  • Administrator: the ultimate access to your accounts, projects, well… just about everything.
  • Manager: Can invite new users, but may not change basic settings for your stored information.
  • Consultant 1: Cannot invite new users. Has access to all financial information, but not to editing or accessing accounting.
  • Client: Collaborate on Projects. They cannot see the financial information, but can access all files, schedules and bookings.
  • Supplier: With a supplier you can collaborate on projects but they cannot see any financial information.

Who has Access?

You can check at any time who has access to your Skylight account. Just go to “Business Settings” and select “Users and Invites” or login and visit:

Check out the video on adding new users!

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