Dashboard gets enhanced widgets

Dashboard gets enhanced widgets

We’re excited to announce the release of the new Skylight dashboard, featuring an array of draggable widgets covering all the main areas of Skylight. Users now have the ability to choose what information is important to them, and where they want it on their dashboard screen. Here’s a list of the available widgets:

My Projects

Lists all the projects your’re assigned to as a participant, organized by latest activity. See all the recent activity of the project by selecting the “+” sign. You can create a new project right from here, and add bookings, comments, files or tasks to any project in the list.

Contacts & Resources

The contacts and resources widgets are organized by recent activity, so contacts and resources with recent comments or bookings will rise to the top. To quickly see what the recent activity is just select show more option “+”. In the case of contacts, you can start an email or Skype call straight away by clicking on the email or phone number.

My Tasks

Your assigned tasks, ordered by due date, with one-click start/pause/stop timer for quick and easy time logging. Overdue tasks are highlighted at the top of the list.

Latest Activity

A live feed of activity across your whole company. If a file was uploaded or comment was left, you’ll see it here and you can click to go straight to it.

Latest Comments

The comment feed gives you the latest on what’s been said on anything and by whom. Comments can be for a file, project, stage, booking or a contact.

Latest Bookings

To use Skylight for scheduling resources and people, this widget really helps in keeping you on top of what’s been recently booked. Edit bookings right here or make comments about them by picking “add comment” from the dropdown menu.


See files ordered by recent activity. Newest files and those with recent comments or approvals will rise to the top of the list.


Shows upcoming and recent milestones, click through to go to the milestone or project they relate to.


Manage all your project stages in this widget. With latest activity, being able to add files, comments, tasks & bookings.

But wait, there’s more!

  • Each widget has an “add” button so you can add contacts, resources, projects, tasks and more right from the dashboard.
  • If the item you’re looking for is not showing on the dashbaord, a new  quick search box inside all dashboard widgets will help you find it.
  • Hover on each item to take further steps for each record i.e create a comment or add file to a project right from your dashboard.

Customise your Dashboard

Click the “Customise” button to add/remove widgets from your dashboard. Later organize them with drag and drop. Skylight will remember the positions of these widgets when you log in next.

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