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BBC - "Keep all your productivity requirements under one virtual roof."

Save Time And Money by Managing Projects, Tasks, Time Billing, Files, Invoicing, Contacts, Scheduling, Documents and much more in one easy to use web app.

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Altogether a great productivity suite that can’t fail to help a busy project manager keep on top of things"the vast number of options you have, meaning you can keep all your productivity requirements under one virtual roof. This really is a one-stop professional collaboration & utility shopBBC Click

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Skylight is a concentrated application that brings together everything you could need."
All essential activities for companies of every size... when handled through a service like this one they become something more natural and spontaneous."
Absolutely useful web apps for people who run business..."

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As a TV distribution and production company, we needed a platform which we could use for invoicing, contacts and the management of rights and license agreements. Skylight offers us an all-in-one platform which syncs these processes in a few simple clicks. Other systems allow you to manage one piece of information in one place and another in a different place with no connection between the two. Skylight is an open platform which is tailored to our needs by ensuring that relevant processes are linked together in one centralised space. – Matt Jeschelnik - Boulder Creek International
The way we communicate and distribute information in our organization is quite complex. Skylight is an affordable yet very effective platform which allows us to get access to the most up-to-date information anywhere and anytime. We looked at other systems before moving to Skylight but found they are primarily focused on contact management or they where too expensive. However, our business is structured around projects rather than contacts, and we have some very bespoke requirements, which without a good database, can make managing information very labor-intensive. Skylight is an open platform which adapts to how we work and allows us to centralize relevant information across multiple projects and multiple regions. – Stuart Moore, Mannpower-Hydro
We process large volumes of proposals for new clients and these proposals and associated information need to be recorded. Skylight helps us keep track of all transactions that taken place associated with each individual proposal and therefore ensures that we don’t miss details, tasks or deadlines. – Dawn Bird, Sensei Learning and Performance

Get a 30 Day Free Trial
No Payment details required

Skylight has reduced our operational cost by saving valuable time normally spent on administration. – Jamie Koine - User
I am absolutely thrilled by Google docs integration. Now my team can collaborate on projects as well as keep track of the Documents involved. – Matt Jacobson - User